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The final episode of the Ukraine Russia series is a REVELATION. What if there’s a hidden reason the US and Europe are defenseless against Putin? An secret nuclear war has been raging for at least a decade — and media and our own countrymen are unwitting pawns. You won’t want to miss this!


  • 00:00 We’ve Got Gas…Addiction
  • 01:22 “Let Them EV Cake”
  • 03:44 Real Reason For Gas Price Spike
  • 04:43 Is The Ukraine-Russia War Really About Energy?
  • 07:29 3 Reasons the US Is Not Energy Independent & 3 Ugly Ways to Get There
  • 14:08 A REVELATION: Our Secret Nuclear War…And Sabotage
  • 23:37 Useful Idiots & Repeating Past Mistakes
  • 25:19 The New Rules of Energy Independence

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