Would You Trust A Schizophrenic? (With Your Healthcare) [Part 3 of 6]

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Like any authentic pinata, Part 3 of The Capitalist Solution For Universal Healthcare is packed with candy and nails.

So many expect so much from government, especially healthcare. But what can this monster actually deliver? A cynic (or libertarian) might say, “NOTHING!! GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!” But you’re in luck. This is a balanced report card rant on The Great Intervener.

We’ll cover the seven ways government intervenes in – and creates – business – and the four ways it screws up. I guarantee you haven’t been facted this good in a long time. Together, we can decide if we’re dealing with a savior, a simpleton, or schizophrenic. Plus, you’ll want to meet my eternal Government Grandma.

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The Capitalist Solution to Universal Healthcare is a special 6-part series of The McFuture Podcast

Next week, you’ll recognize many of these lessons baked into PART 4: Something Terrific.

In case you missed it, here’s Part 2: The 13 Economic Crimes of American Healthcare and PART 1: Wrong Question.

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