Steve Faktor Confronts Corporate Innovation, Startups & Future of Work

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In this unfiltered interview with FOX Business commentator Ari Zoldan, I separate truth from B.S. on the murky worlds of corporate innovation, startups, AI, and the future of work. I also get into:

  • Why corporate innovation often fails: math
  • The dirty secret behind the mythology of startups
  • Why Google is good at innovation and others aren’t
  • Why products often are NOT innovation
  • Why tech Patents are a waste of time.
  • And the ONLY thing that still matters at work…
  • Me on AI: “We’re feeding a global mind. The only problem is it’s fragmented. It resides on different servers at different corporations.”

What attendees are saying

Takeaway from today’s meetup with thought leader Steve Faktor on Corporate innovations

@prooV_inc @buildgc. @ideafaktory To have long lasting innovative advantage a business needs a strong unyielding (but constantly evolving) sense of purpose (which should be guided by and dedicated to creating above and beyond customer experience); an all-embracing culture – which requires the business unceasingly reflect and redefine itself – that not only gathers people of…

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A clip on the math of innovation

Photos of the event here

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