Why Rage Rules & How It Heals

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This episode is all about POWER! And it lives somewhere between ‘distraction and destruction’…remember that phrase.

  • The 4 types of media disinformation…yet only one matters
  • The 7 stages of our rage cycle and each player’s real motives
  • The 4 cancellation tactics of “cancel culture”

And why none of it matters. Whatever side you’re on, you’ve been played. Chumps. The real beneficiaries have been laughing at you. Until now. Why did the the laughter stop? Tune in.

This is a looong but good one. Controversy awaits… 

And for Patreon members, a member-only episode called, Point of Personal Privilege.

This ends my “Future of Media” series with a bang. (Yes, you can listen to it as a standalone episode).

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