Snitches In Da Clubhouse | The McFuture Podcast

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In the latest episode, Steve eviscerates the sorry state of journalism, rise of corporate media operations, and the frightening new social network Clubhouse.

  • 00:10​ – 4 ways journalism​ failed us  
  • 07:50​ – Can VC Andreessen Horowitz start a “corporate media​” revolution? And the 3 things they must do to succeed 
  • 14:45​ – The unholy alliance in media 
  • 19:56​ – Is Clubhouse the new podcasting or the unfettered destruction of all that we know and love? 
  • 24:49​ – Annoyed Freud: Deciphering the 7 Motivations of Journalists  
  • 28:06​ – Who’s the best acquirer for Clubhouse​? 
  • 31:20​ – The Greatest Innovator on Clubhouse Is……..?  Please share, comment, subscribe

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