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The Next Disruption of Music

[Steve Faktor’s original version appeared on LinkedIn Influencer & Forbes] If you thought digital music piracy was disruptive, just wait until humans are outdone by robots in creating original music. In 1958, John von Neumann imagined “the singularity ” to be the moment artificial intelligence becomes self-improving and self-aware – almost instantly transforming people into pets. But long before your Roomba knocks up some […]

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Never Sell Data

I work with a lot of startups and somewhere around year three, their business plan usually includes some flavor of ‘make a bundle selling data’. Like a new year’s resolution to ‘go to the gym and look like Thor’, this won’t happen. If it did, it might do more damage than the pocket change it’s

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Why I Should Be Google’s Next CEO

You read that right. CEO. Chief. Evil. Officer. I love Google’s products. I’ve deconstructed its strategy – and written reports on it. But even Google can’t grow forever. Eventually, it will need a dollop of evil to compete – maybe even a full marinade. As I look forward to the new year, I see a lot of people angling to get on Santa’s good side. Not me.

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