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The 5 Rules of Email Amnesty

From Steve Faktor’s original article on LinkedIn. When it comes to answering emails, most business people are a bipolar mess. On one hand, we’re baking Ex-Lax brownies for a growing list of deadbeat non-responders. At the same time, we’re full of guilt over our own email impotence. Either way, resentment is mounting. I’m happy to report […]

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Shut Up, You’re Not Apple

At first, it was funny to hear insurers, IT firms, and startups with no revenues compare themselves to Apple. Since the iPod launched in 2001, I’ve seen hundreds of presentations that liberally use “learnings” from Apple. 1) The word is LESSONS, not “learnings”, my Hillbilly friend. 2) The comparison feels as fresh as that Michael Jackson impression your

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The 9 Corporate Personality Types And How to Inspire Them to Innovate

This is a repost of Steve Faktor’s original viral article on Forbes. In a way, innovation is like sex: those talking about it most are probably doing it the least. Before founding IdeaFaktory, I’ve had the privilege (and collateral hair loss) of innovating at top Fortune 100 firms, where ‘talk’ was unavoidable. So I decided to codify my lessons

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Is Brainstorming Pointless?

This originally appeared in Innovation Excellence. I just saw this New Yorker piece about the futility of brainstorming. Over the years, I’ve facilitated well over a hundred sessions ranging from small workgroups to big, executive-laden festivals. Like anything else, it can work, but isn’t the right tool for every situation. It’s also not the way to get

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