Here’s a controversial statement: You don’t want your child to be valedictorian. Or, captain of the (bubble-wrapped) football team. Or even that popular. Peaking too early can breed complacency, set unrealistic expectations that success will come easily. It won’t. Valedictorians have a bigger problem, their success is a testament to obedience. Doing what the teacher

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Slim Margins

It’s odd that everyone accepts that different industries have different margins. Slim in grocery, beverage & mining. Fat in digital, banking & tobacco.

But few seem comfortable that #jobs work the same exact way.

Pay & probability of attaining it are hardwired in to most job functions. There will never be a rich fast food clerk or poor developer (drug habits & divorces aside).

We can debate how the market rewards bankers vs nurses vs teachers, but all the info to ensure higher income is out there. Most of us (or our kids) can make those decisions. Then, do the necessary hard work to get there.

Choose wisely, my friends.

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The Economics of Happiness

While researching my next book on the future of jobs, I had a revelation. No, God didn’t hand me a Windows tablet. I was blown away by how many articles and websites I found about ‘happiness at work’. 5 Ways to Make Your Boss Love You 7 Steps to a Job That Completes You 10 Tricks to

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