The One Lie That Will Save American Democracy

Like rotten fruit suspended in Jell-O, we’ve congealed inside a failing two party system. The two likely nominees for president have the combined likability of a hemorrhoid playing Mariachi music. Sure, many still yearn for a decade at Bernie’s 350-million-man kibbutz. Others now get their crackers…wafers…at The Church of Trumpology. Some endorse Donald Trump, hoping he can bring the apocalypse, er,

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How Taxes Steal Dreams

What’s the one thing everyone agrees we can’t possibly make more of…? Katy Perry hits? Adorable cat videos? Invitations to Google Glass? Not even close. Even cash is abundant! It’s handed out in bushels by the Fed to everyone but you. The one thing that’s truly finite is time. That’s why the Great Recession and

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Fire. Them. All.

Has any organization ever failed so miserably that every employee should be fired? One finally has. And we are its executives. It’s called Congress. It has a 13% approval rating but a 90% re-election rate. Just like The Bachelor, you almost start to admire how something so bad can keep going. Exactly like that show,

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