Covidiocracy + Mourning Glory

Our Coronavirus conundrum has exposed our fragility. In the first part of this episode, I explore the importance of mourning our old lives and how we must adapt. Then I revisit Idiocracy, a member-only episode, on how we’ve bred fragility into our society. It’s even more salient in light of this pandemic. In it, I […]

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Here’s a controversial statement: You don’t want your child to be valedictorian. Or, captain of the (bubble-wrapped) football team. Or even that popular. Peaking too early can breed complacency, set unrealistic expectations that success will come easily. It won’t. Valedictorians have a bigger problem, their success is a testament to obedience. Doing what the teacher

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The Economics of Happiness

While researching my next book on the future of jobs, I had a revelation. No, God didn’t hand me a Windows tablet. I was blown away by how many articles and websites I found about ‘happiness at work’. 5 Ways to Make Your Boss Love You 7 Steps to a Job That Completes You 10 Tricks to

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