The Prosperity Paradox

(This post originally appeared on LinkedIn) Something stubborn and senseless stands between us and a golden ‘Age of Abundance’. Surprisingly, it’s not gun lovers, Koch brothers, or Honey Boo Boo’s mother. While working on my next book, I stumbled across some powerful ways to solve America’s Prosperity Paradox, which keeps every citizen from basking in Botoxed bliss, like a Bravo housewife.  …

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What would Tony Soprano do about AIG?

Another day, another disappointment for the hapless Obama administration. Today it’s AIG bonuses. Already, our eager beaver President has taken on stimulus, healthcare, bailouts, education, war, the return of blue M&M;’s. You name it, everything’s a priority. Unfortunately, he’s done it all with the soft-touch of a trusting, gentle Democrat. I started wondering, OK fantasizing, …

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