Incremental Illness Claims Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

‘Incrementalism’ only sounds like the next horrible religion to captivate Tom Cruise. It’s actually a chronic condition that’s claimed countless corporate careers. Its devastation can be measured in thousands of yards – of yacht downgrades. Before donating to your local Adopt-a-Yacht chapter, let’s study incrementalism’s latest victim, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. Ms. Mayer opened the door to infection […]

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Empower Your Visionaries

As we sit illuminated by flat-screens, covered in Doritos dust, it’s easy to imagine the day we fuse with our couches while binge-watching all the terrific new TV shows.. Why are there suddenly so many riveting shows? AMC’s Breaking Bad and Mad Men Netflix’s House of Cards SyFy’s Battlestar Galactica HBO’s Game of Thrones, Girls,

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