Empower Your Visionaries

As we sit illuminated by flat-screens, covered in Doritos dust, it’s easy to imagine the day we fuse with our couches while binge-watching all the terrific new TV shows.. Why are there suddenly so many riveting shows? AMC’s Breaking Bad and Mad Men Netflix’s House of Cards SyFy’s Battlestar Galactica HBO’s Game of Thrones, Girls,

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The 5 Rules of Email Amnesty

From Steve Faktor’s original article on LinkedIn. When it comes to answering emails, most business people are a bipolar mess. On one hand, we’re baking Ex-Lax brownies for a growing list of deadbeat non-responders. At the same time, we’re full of guilt over our own email impotence. Either way, resentment is mounting. I’m happy to report

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How Success Smothers Greatness

SpoilerFive years ago, I wrote this piece about Russell Brand’s show, Messiah Complex, which fell far short of his grand ambitions – and my expectations for someone with his natural gifts. Seemed like he simply hadn’t done the hard work to reach the heroic heights he craved. While the ideas and lessons in this piece are

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Unrig It Yourself! A New Year’s Intervention of Hope – for Doers

(This is a re-post of Steve Faktor’s viral original article on LinkedIn) Matt Damon recently said “the system is rigged.” Immediately, I felt horrible. If the world is against this handsome, famous, multi-millionaire, what hope does a business hobbit like me have? He’s not the first to repeat this feel-bad, defeatist mantra. It was a cornerstone of the

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Shut Up, You’re Not Apple

At first, it was funny to hear insurers, IT firms, and startups with no revenues compare themselves to Apple. Since the iPod launched in 2001, I’ve seen hundreds of presentations that liberally use “learnings” from Apple. 1) The word is LESSONS, not “learnings”, my Hillbilly friend. 2) The comparison feels as fresh as that Michael Jackson impression your

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