The Prosperity Paradox

(This post originally appeared on LinkedIn) Something stubborn and senseless stands between us and a golden ‘Age of Abundance’. Surprisingly, it’s not gun lovers, Koch brothers, or Honey Boo Boo’s mother. While working on my next book, I stumbled across some powerful ways to solve America’s Prosperity Paradox, which keeps every citizen from basking in Botoxed bliss, like a Bravo housewife. 

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Fire. Them. All.

Has any organization ever failed so miserably that every employee should be fired? One finally has. And we are its executives. It’s called Congress. It has a 13% approval rating but a 90% re-election rate. Just like The Bachelor, you almost start to admire how something so bad can keep going. Exactly like that show,

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How Killing the Angry Bird Will Save American Entrepreneurship

Hyper-connected tech blogger Robert Scoble, recently wrote about treating startups more critically.  Robert found himself meeting with lots of crappy, over-funded, digital startups that desperately need more time in the oven, an intervention by Dr. Drew, or more likely, Dr. Kevorkian. (My words, not Robert’s.)  Not only am I seeing the same things, but I’d take it a step further. I

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