12½ Truth Bombs

In this very special episode of The McFuture, we’ll bust 12½* modern myths about money, business, education, tech and government. Many of our assumptions deserves ruthless scrutiny. Questioning assumptions is how we innovate and shape our future.  It’s how we demand more from ourselves, employers and leaders.   Some of these will definitely trigger you. But …

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Slim Margins

It’s odd that everyone accepts that different industries have different margins. Slim in grocery, beverage & mining. Fat in digital, banking & tobacco.

But few seem comfortable that #jobs work the same exact way.

Pay & probability of attaining it are hardwired in to most job functions. There will never be a rich fast food clerk or poor developer (drug habits & divorces aside).

We can debate how the market rewards bankers vs nurses vs teachers, but all the info to ensure higher income is out there. Most of us (or our kids) can make those decisions. Then, do the necessary hard work to get there.

Choose wisely, my friends.

Prediction: The 99%ers Are Coming!

Status: Occurring Prediction: The 99%ers Are Coming “For years, the U.S. did a fine job of pacifying even the marginally employed with Nintendo Wii’s and salty, delicious fries. The calorically challenged do not look like revolutionaries, but years of unemployment and class separation can take a toll. With rising global demand for food, energy, and …

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