Incremental Illness Claims Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

‘Incrementalism’ only sounds like the next horrible religion to captivate Tom Cruise. It’s actually a chronic condition that’s claimed countless corporate careers. Its devastation can be measured in thousands of yards – of yacht downgrades. Before donating to your local Adopt-a-Yacht chapter, let’s study incrementalism’s latest victim, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. Ms. Mayer opened the door to infection […]

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Will Apple Pay Reign Supreme?

There has never been a more exciting time in payments. Let me re-phrase that. There has never been an exciting time in payments. But if you read tech blogs lately, you’d think we were moments away from revolution. Unless the oppressed proletariat can pay with iPhones, they’ll start pummeling Nobu waiters with pearl-encrusted Prada bags.

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The Prosperity Paradox

(This post originally appeared on LinkedIn) Something stubborn and senseless stands between us and a golden ‘Age of Abundance’. Surprisingly, it’s not gun lovers, Koch brothers, or Honey Boo Boo’s mother. While working on my next book, I stumbled across some powerful ways to solve America’s Prosperity Paradox, which keeps every citizen from basking in Botoxed bliss, like a Bravo housewife. 

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10 New Rules for Mobile Payments and Loyalty Startups

My business is helping companies speed up innovation – often by partnering with tech startups. A wilder ride compared to my days leading innovation at Fortune 100 companies.  But lately,  I’ve experienced enough déjà vu to get a platinum medical marijuana card. Maybe you’ve heard of “multiple discovery”. The theory says that similar inventions happen simultaneously because

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