How to Grow ANY Business Using EXISTING Assets

Every business has at least one growth spurt left. And it shouldn’t feel like racing Usain Bolt after six hours at Cheesecake Factory. Most businesses immediately turn to the most obvious places: new products, services or markets. But these generate less enterprise value than customer experience, platforms, technologies, new business models, and superior service. Even existing assets can deliver more growth.

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The Prosperity Paradox

(This post originally appeared on LinkedIn) Something stubborn and senseless stands between us and a golden ‘Age of Abundance’. Surprisingly, it’s not gun lovers, Koch brothers, or Honey Boo Boo’s mother. While working on my next book, I stumbled across some powerful ways to solve America’s Prosperity Paradox, which keeps every citizen from basking in Botoxed bliss, like a Bravo housewife. 

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How Price Anxiety Kills Sales

Ever wander into some fancy deli and try to make sense of a wall of exotic snacks? Luxurious corn crisps dusted with rare cheeses, caviar, or truffles from Dumbledore. Indulgences you only thought existed on Gwyneth Paltrow’s fleet of organic yachts. The only thing each package has in common is a conspicuous lack of pricing.

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