Child Bribes & The Future of College

What can $500,000 buy you…? Apparently, admission for your dumbass kids to any top-tear collidge. (Trying to relate.) I did a video (below) on the rich and famous college bribery scandal, but thought it deserved a bit more depth and ranting. Here, I expand on why this isn’t just about wealth and privilege, but branding and religion. …

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What Killed Google+ And What Can Save It

(This piece originally appeared on Forbes) The demise of Google+ is a cautionary tale of rivalry, missed opportunity, and of course, drunk geeks waltzing. (…I’ll explain.) As an active user of Google+ and casual clairvoyant of Google’s strategy, it’s no surprise that you’re almost as likely to be bodyboarding with Gisele Bündchen as reading this sentence on Google+. While Google+ loyalists hunt …

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Deconstructing Google’s Strategy

After Google’s I/O announcements, I flashed back to a dozen or so conversations I’ve had with executives and entrepreneurs about what Google is doing. Reading between the lines, some imagined buying yachts after a Google acquisition. Others feared downgrading to an inner tube if Google entered their space.  The best way to think about what Google might …

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