Unity Through Prosperity

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Today I made my first – and likely last – political donation.


I have better ideas for my money – pretty much anything from eSports to edibles.

I RESENT that US politics have devolved into patronage. Candidates have to spend all their time scrounging for dollars and serving donors, not citizens. (see: ‘Fire. Them. All.‘)

Plus, I never found a single politician whose policies and intentions I trusted. Until now.

I met Dylan Ratigan as a guest on his old MSNBC show, while promoting my first book. We stayed in touch sporadically, as he became an eco-entrepreneur. Never thought he’d give up saving Earth to dive back into this mess.

As our political parties devolve into identity politics, self-enrichment, and outright lies, it’s shocking to see someone as pragmatic, passionate and principled as Dylan enter the fray. The first thing I quipped when he called me was, “Are you crazy?” He had the best possible response, “I couldn’t just sit by and let this all happen.”

As we spoke, I realized we both shared one important principle – that economic prosperity makes all our petty squabbles melt away.

ALL people want the same things – safe communities; good jobs; clean air, streets and water; affordable housing, education and healthcare – and the time and freedom to enjoy life with friends and family. We only differ on how best to achieve it.

What nobody wants is to babysit their representatives, wondering whose pocket they’re in.

Perusing Dylan’s website and this interview, I was struck (but not surprised) how tangible his proposals were. He left no doubt how his policies will serve his constituents and the country. It was all meat and potatoes – when everyone else won’t shut up about the parsley.

That doesn’t mean I’ll agree with Dylan on everything – or that you will. But I trust his competence, ability to reason, and desire to do the right thing.

Most important – he will champion fixing what I believe is rotting American politics and society like Ebola: corruption (lobbying, SuperPACs, dark money, etc).

Until leaders like Dylan can fix our corrupt campaign financing system, we’re all forced to play this ridiculous game. I did my part – sent the guy a few bucks, wrote this love letter, and offered him free, unrestricted use of the slogan ‘Unity through prosperity’. Like a Halston gown, you immediately know who’ll wear it better. (It even looks ravishing as a hashtag: #UnityThroughProsperity)

Anyway, check out Dylan’s site and consider contributing or volunteering.

And politicians – don’t call me. I’ll call you.

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