[3] Taking Down Uber with Jeremy Rifkin

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In the latest episode of The McFuture podcast, I spoke with the remarkable Jeremy Rifkin. He’s the best-selling author of The Zero Marginal Cost Society, advisor to Angela Merkel and the EU, and a Wharton lecturer. That many credentials is punishable by hard labor in any self-respecting banana republic…

Like me, Rifkin has been thinking a lot about saving our future. He just does it with fewer Kanye references. He believes something I’ve pretty much ignored is going to destroy us – if we don’t act now! And he has a plan to save us.  The best 20 minutes you’ll spend all week. (My related article in Forbes: How We Kill Uber And Hijack The Internet of Things.)

Also, check out a special BONUS EPISODE with Jeremy. A 30 minute conversation about the future of human purpose in a tech-drenched world without work.

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