[4] Killing Trump with Governor Jesse Ventura

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My guest on the latest episode of The McFuture podcast is former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura. Jesse is a former Navy Seal, pro-wrestler, TV host, and now author of The Marijuana Manifesto.

Listen to the bonus episode: Smoke This with Governor Jesse Ventura

Speaking with Jesse is refreshing and jarring, like diving into a burning lake on a balmy day. He’s unfiltered, unapologetic, and forceful. There’s no agenda besides seeking truth – and maybe selling a few books. Jesse leaves no doubt he’s done his homework – even if you question some of his sources or conclusions.

The reason I invited him on is I’ve been consumed with the idea of “revolution” and “disruption”. This is the story of one of America’s true disruptors – and what I think it means for others looking to change the world.

Note: I’m still working out some audio issues with the show. I appreciate your patience. Just got a pro sound editor, who starts next week.


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