BANKMAN, FRIED: The Circumcised Chronicles Of A Bahamian-American Hero

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When business and satire are indistinguishable, THIS is what you NEED. Whether you’re steeped in the legend of SBF or need a primer, your brain and bladder will explode as we Marvel at America’s newest superhero, BankMan and his trusted sidekick, Math Girl. FTX’s CryptoKeeper Sam Bankman-Fried isn’t who you think he is. He’s here to save us.


*** A. HISTORY ***

*** B. 5 LESSONS ***

  • 31:17 Lesson 1: The Privilege Innovator
  • 34:51 Lesson 2: The Cloak
  • 36:44 Lesson 3: And the real winner is…
  • 38:11 Lesson 4: The Real Price of Memory Foam
  • 44:04 Lesson 5: The Master Delusionist


*** D. OUTTAKES ***

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