12½ Truth Bombs

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In this very special episode of The McFuture, we’ll bust 12½* modern myths about money, business, education, tech and government. Many of our assumptions deserves ruthless scrutiny. Questioning assumptions is how we innovate and shape our future.  It’s how we demand more from ourselves, employers and leaders.  

Some of these will definitely trigger you. But a little controversy can’t hurt, right…?? (If you’re a patron, post feedback in the Patreon and I’ll respond online or in the next episode.)

*There are 10 myths in this episode and 2½ in the bonus episode (for supporters of the show on Patreon).

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Show Notes/Links:

Steve’s Posts

  1. The Home Ownership Delusion
  2. How Taxes Steal Dreams
  3. Unshackle the Debtors
  4. First Manufacturing, Now It’s Bye Bye Tech
  5. The Real #Resist is Tech
  6. Why US Politics Fail Us

Research on Salaries

  1. A Very Compelling Reason to Tell Employees How Much Their Peers Earn
  2. When the Boss Says, ‘Don’t Tell Your Coworkers How Much You Get Paid’
  3. It’s Time To Start Telling Our Friends How Much Money We Make
  4. Adam ruins everything video
  5. Silicon Valley’s Exclusive Salary Database
  6. Employees anonymously share which tech companies don’t pay fairly and which ones they want to leave
  7. Information is Power: Fostering Labor Market Competition through Transparent Wages
  8. Why a startup just published all of its employees’ salaries for the world to see
  9. If you choose “radical transparency” for your company, be ready for the consequences
  10. It’s The One Thing You Never Tell Anyone — & It’s Costing You BIG
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