10 Ways To Make Britain Great Again – After Brexit

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Now that England has #Brexited the Bilderberg, it’s single & ready to mingle. Free from EU bureaucracy, here are 10 ways Britain can use all that free time:

10. Rename 10 Downing Street  ’10 Downing Syndrome Street’  —  and Great Britain  —  Little Britain.

9. Make Mr. Bean the next – and rightful – Prime Minister

8. Start a YouTube channel to torment former EU partners; start with a viral video called “Dear Belgians”

7. Crack the elusive mystery of dentistry

6. Explain how Top Gear became the most popular show…on an island.

5. Extend the refund period on Simon Cowell & Ricky Gervais

4. Downgrade the Pound to Eight Ounces

3. Lecture Scotland on the importance of unity

2. Tell Mexico where to send all their best people

1. (In)Breed Prince Harry with Belgium’s Princess Elizabeth to reunite with the EU.

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