Child Bribes & The Future of College

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What can $500,000 buy you…? Apparently, admission for your dumbass kids to any top-tear collidge. (Trying to relate.) I did a video (below) on the rich and famous college bribery scandal, but thought it deserved a bit more depth and ranting. Here, I expand on why this isn’t just about wealth and privilege, but branding and religion. I also talk about the future of education and job recruiting. What will change. And what should. A breezy 17 minutes of me on you infomance

Links mentioned on the show

  1. My article on education: Unshackle the Debtors
  2. Companies taking our suggestion to get rid of college degree requirement
  3. Apprenticeship & Vocational Training Return
  4. The Only Valuable Degrees Are From “Trade” Majors

Also check out last week’s episode, World Without Billionaires



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