What We’re Forbidden To Say About Aging, Immigration & Wakanda | The McFuture Podcast

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HUGE episode. The ONE TREND that will decide the future of humanity and the balance of power in the next 50 years—is buried deep inside a conspiracy theory whose name we dare not speak. Every untouchable subject gets touched — a lot. Plus, a huge surprise ending, fit for Aristocrats. And killer bonus outtakes. It’s all here. Sit back and enjoy.


  • 00:00 Intro/Why “The Great Repla…Substitution Theory” Matters
  • 04:52 A Bried History of Hate; Worst Hannukkah, Ever!
  • 06:41 Analyzing “Replacement” straight from the source: Renaud Camus
  • 14:52 A HUGE Realization! ‘Replacement’ is Exactly Like……..
  • 18:12 SHAME
  • 22:24 Camus Blind Spots
  • 23:13 The Problem With Aging
  • 28:58 The Real Replacement Is FAILING, across Poland, Hungary, China, South Korea
  • 34:10 The Real Reason Birth Rates Fall is STRUCTURAL
  • 38:13 So What’s A Dying Country To Do? The 4 Options
  • 39:40 The Perils & Perks of Immigration
  • 43:25 The ONE QUESTION That Decides if Immigration Succeeds or Fails
  • 44:01 The American Unicorn
  • 46:26 The Unspoken Advantage of the US
  • 49:03 How Many Americans Do We Need??
  • 51:21 8 Ways To STOP BLOWING Immigration
  • 53:42 Legitimate Fears & The Baumol Effect
  • 57:07 STOP BLOWING (Cont’d)
  • 59:28 “American Migrant Warrior”
  • 01:00:51 Blood and…WHAT??? Reality Check
  • 01:03:47 Solutions BEYOND Immigration: DeGrowth
  • 01:08:00 The Real Case For Birth Incentives
  • 01:11:37 The Gipper and I Dream of Fluidity
  • 01:14:33 HUGE SURPRISE ENDING…with cameo by Fahim Anwar
  • 01:24:07 BONUS: What’s WAY More Impactful Than World Economic Forum or Steve Jobs?
  • 01:25:35 BONUS: BANNED BY AI!

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