Old IdeaFaktory Podcast #1: Liberating Anonymous Drones with Dan Lyons & Steve Faktor

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The first episode of the Ideafaktory Podcast is the best one ever.  It’s a great conversation between Steve Faktor and Dan Lyons (aka the original “Fake Steve Jobs“, aka “Real Dan Lyons). Dan has written for Forbes, Newsweek and many publications that begged me not to use their names!

This episode is all about social media fame as job security.  You’ll learn:

  • What crazy thing Dan wrote that made me reach out to him in the first place
  • How Dan escaped being an anonymous drone by blogging…as the end of print media loomed
  • Why you need to be a star
  • All about the brilliant, but seedy underbelly of monetizing influence
  • Why you should never get out of your jammies
  • Why immigrant parents don’t care if you can spell

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Awesome intro music by  The Walkers


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