Inhuman Resources | The McFuture w/Steve Faktor

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The Business Festivus is here! A great set of rants about work, corporate, startup and academia grievances – and how to fix them all! …or keep them from making you crazy.

This is the last set of rants before the triumphant return of theme-based episodes. Up next: Trust (It’s Part 4 of the 6-part Future of Relationships series).

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Episode Contents:

  • 00:08 Intro
  • 02:10 20 Business Articles That NEVER Need To Be Written Again
  • 12:55 How Analysis Paralysis Sabotages Success
  • 15:53 Employ e-Monitoring
  • 17:48 What HR Power Says About An Organization
  • 19:17 The Useless Professor Survey
  • 20:49 Beware of Administrative Rot
  • 23:16 How To Attract Workers In A Tight & Picky Labor Market
  • 25:15 I’m In Love With A Neumann
  • 28:47 Part I: The ‘Traumatized Startup Employee’ Folder
  • 31:19 Part II: Why Corporations Iterate, Not Innovate: A Lesson From MasterCard
  • 33:46 Don’t Call Me Weinstein
  • 34:35 Clubhouse Eulogy
  • 36:37 How Authors Can Save Bookstores
  • 38:03 GoFundMe Riot
  • 39:21 Avoiding Chronically Unhappy Customers
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