ACADEMIA NUTS: Canceling College Cultism With James Lindsay

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Ever wonder what a real-life Revenge of the Nerds might look like? Well, it’s here. And it’s nothing like the bawdy 80’s sex comedy. Turns out it’s more like Night of the Living (Brain) Dead and it’s taking over America.

Imagine if anyone who ever took a Marxist Manspreading & Toxic Phallocentrism course suddenly got to RUN THE WORLD. As if hating your parents’ money wasn’t bad enough… A generation of minor thinkers has unleashed a major mind-virus that’s spreading from its college containment unit into corporate and government policy.

If you think I’m being a drama queen, you need to hear my conversation with James Lindsay, author of How to Have Impossible Conversations: A Very Practical Guide. James is an academic and one of the greatest hoaxers of our time. He and two friends were busted by the Wall Street Journal after successfully hoaxing 14 of the most respected, peer-reviewed journals in wackademia, exposing their intellectual bankruptcy. These are people who are shaping young minds and public policy. James and I discuss the roots and remedies for this new social justice religious cult – and his discovery of the one righteous use of Hitler ever known. Don’t miss it.

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