Keynote at Frost+Sullivan GIL Conference in Silicon Valley

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Just got back from keynoting Frost + Sullivan’s Growth Innovation Leadership Conference in Silicon Valley. It was the debut of exploring some of my ideas from my forthcoming book, econovation.  By all measures, it was a big hit as dozens of attendees circled my table after my talk.  They wanted to discuss the future of the US economy…and what can be done to save it.  Some even asked what I think their kids should study in college.  No pressure…  I’ll post some video clips as soon as I get them….Frost, done editing yet?
The Economics of Innovation

KEYNOTE Sept 13, 2011 8:15am

Event Agenda

In the past 30 years, the economy has ignited and extinguished more opportunities than any other force, with the possible exception of Oprah. In that time, China and India fed our zombie-like appetite for iPhones, Prada and Snuggies. As they lifted millions out of poverty, their biggest customer, the US, found itself in debt, under-educated, and covered with recreational tattoos. Will the US avoid the fate of Greece or some D-List celebrity? Can our legendary ingenuity save the American economy and your business?

Key Take-Aways:

  • Predicting: the next ten years of the US economy and challenges for future growth
  • Finding: five emerging areas of opportunity and how companies can capitalize
  • Winning: who is best positioned to win and why
  • Doing: how to embed economic-driven innovation into future strategy
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