[6] Larry King: Confronting Legacy, Zombies & God

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In the latest episode of The McFuture podcast, I speak to the one and only Larry King. Larry has interviewed over 60,000 people – that’s three times more than Wilt Chamberlain has slept with! He’s the host of Larry King Now on Ora.TV and you won’t believe how open he is about his fears, his passion, and his faith…or lack thereof. The theme of this episode is legacy – and one powerful and simple lesson about what really matters.  This is one you won’t want to miss.

bonus-larry-king-the-mcfuture-guest-images-square-webAnd when you’re done, listen to the bonus episode, How Larry Became King. It’s an audio autobiography of sorts. Hear Larry tell the story of his career – in his own voice, in 7 minutes!

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