Mistweeted by Steve Faktor (#1): Rooting for the Pandemic

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First LIVE podcast recording exploring the deep, dark, hilarious underbelly of futurist author Steve Faktor’s daily Tweets & what they say about our future…and Steve. In this episode:

  1. Amazon & Audible oppression
  2. Why there’s no competing with platforms
  3. “Engaging and empowering”
  4. Covid’s greatest threat
  5. Ellen confession
  6. The BEST Covid business opportunity
  7. #AllStocksMatter
  8. Green Eggs & Scam
  9. DiscReddited 
  10. What it’ll take for NYC & SF to recover. Some predictions.
  11. Can UPS & FedEx survive Amazon?
  12. Kissing cousins: free government cash and bad corporate investments
  13. Insane cultural math
  14. AI shopping spree
  15. New jobs & heroes
  16. Equivocating China and the US
  17. Italian or Die
  18. Re-evaluating education

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