The Poor Man’s Resurrection | Mistweeted by Steve Faktor #4 | The McFuture Podcast

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HOTTEST episode of Mistweeted yet!! So hot, Steve Faktor almost melted recording it. Seriously, it is good. If you agree, please share & subscribe.

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CONTENTS (click to jump to section):
  1. 00:08 Why I’m not impressed with 40-under-40 lists
  2. 03:51 Amazon Union-Busting Tamed!?
  3. 06:43 Sex is CANCELED
  4. 09:36 Why Tim Ferriss is a Marauder-Magnet
  5. 12:43 The Future of Pre-Crime AI
  6. 17:04 The Poor Man’s Resurrection
  7. 18:49 Seinfeld’s Sanctuary & Predictions for NYC
  8. 24:22 Building (W)Akonda
  9. 25:37 Prosper in Peaceful Portland
  10. 27:47 The Last Supper Coin Guy
  11. 28:28 Joe Budden vs Spotify Reveals the Dirty Truths Behind Podcasting, Digital Platforms and Corporate Talent
  12. 41:45 Credential Addict
  13. 43:43 Cure for the Loneliness Epidemic, Especially for Men
  14. 56:31 The New Kamikazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  15. 58:31 How RussellBrand Exposed Candace Owens
  16. 01:02:34 Why Insane Simps Love Fascism During Furloughs
  17. 01:04:31 My SPECTACULAR New Restaurant Concept!
  18. 01:04:57 So Close, Fairphone
  19. 01:07:14 Why the Powerful NEVER Side With the Weak

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