The 12 New Rules For The Future of Media [Part 1: The Platformation]

the 12 new rules of media - the platformation - ideafaktory - the mcfuture podcast with steve faktor
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Why did Netflix become a devious backstabber?

In a game of F***/Marry/Kill, why would Spotify marry me, murder Adele, and f*** Sony?

And why the does the future of YouTube hang on our loins?

Believe it or not, each of those questions is deeper and funnier than it looks.

This three part series dares to take on the unwieldy future of all media – and lay out 12 new rules for consumers, creators, and media giants. Whether you love movies and want a peek behind the botox – or you work in tech, news, music or Hollywood and want to sound brilliant at your next meeting, this episode is for you. Prepare to be enlightened, entertained and slightly enraged.

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