Schooled By Stiglitz – Nobel Economist’s 40-Minute Crash Course on EVERYTHING

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Ever get the urge to run all your wild theories by a Nobel Prize-winning economist? Well, I got to do just that with the former Chief Economist of the World Bank, Columbia University Professor, and author of: 

We left no stone unturned in a tight 40-minute tour-de-force that covered EVERYTHING, including:

  1. Why investor Peter Thiel should study a little economics”
  2. Technological unemployment: will we have enough jobs for 10B people?
  3. How to fix monopolies
  4. Why innovation isn’t working
  5. What’s the right amount/pace of immigration?
  6. From pre-school to college, is education the great equalizer? 
  7. Free markets vs. regulation 
  8. Banking/Finance vs. values
  9. Why inequality = anxiety
  10. How to save a failing Europe, EU and Euro
  11. Legitimacy of Brexit
  12. Aging populations
  13. Minimum Wage
  14. Viability of free trade zones
  15. Bernie Sanders/Donald Trump

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