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If you thought social media was bad for your mental health, wait till you meet Helen. An episode about surviving Twitter that dares to be free of Elon Musk love or hate. Twitter’s problems are human problems, even above Elon’s pay grade. Fortunately, not mine!


  • 00:00 Which of these people has a better grip on reality?
  • 02:15 Why Twitter is Stupid & Inescapable
  • 05:20 The Difference between celebrities & e-lebrities
  • 07:44 Mila Kunis & The Last Batch
  • 09:06 PewDiePie Who???
  • 09:55 In Memory of Helen
  • 12:54 7 Ways To Survive Twitter
  • 20:29 The Unstable States of Twitter
  • 24:05 4 Building Blocks For Successful Online Communities
  • 30:28 I have not been radicalized
  • 31:08 The Mediatrician: Job of the Future
  • 32:21 The Punishment Spectrum
  • 34:58 Man Deals

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