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Here’s a controversial statement: You don’t want your child to be valedictorian. Or, captain of the (bubble-wrapped) football team. Or even that popular. Peaking too early can breed complacency, set unrealistic expectations that success will come easily. It won’t.

Valedictorians have a bigger problem, their success is a testament to obedience. Doing what the teacher says, following the rules, sticking to the books. This is a world that no longer exists. Maybe in a few trades like medicine, law, engineering. The rest? Prepare to re-invent yourself every few years – and break the rules when necessary. There are no books for that. Only good judgment and tireless work ethic. And don’t expect that brilliant bookworm to be by your side. Hire him or her with a decent 401K…eventually. 

A  shows most have failed to live up to their lofty expectations.

It’s not the first. Here’s .

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