Wrapup from Front End of Innovation Conference in Boston

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The Front End of Innovation was a rollicking good time.  Compelling speakers, good networking, and timely hors d’oeuvres.  I gave a talk about innovation opportunities after the the great recession, the theme from the book I’m writing.  I focused more than I expected on health care and education.  (Doesn’t it seem like this aging, plump version of America is becoming a giant infirmary with a flag? Sad…but not without opportunity.)

I knew the speech went well when afterwords, I was barraged by questions and invitations to speak at various companies. I even had one attendee ask me whether I thought his daughter should go into the health field.  Helping raise other people’s children is where this futurist draws the line!

According to Deborah Hatcher at IIRUSA, I was one of the top ranked speakers with a 4.5 out of 5 attendee score. You can read coverage of my talk here.

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