Prediction: 3D Clothing Without Inventory

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Status: Occurring

Prediction: 3D-Printed Clothing Without Inventory

Does that mean no more racks? Will The Gap stock clothes or just a body scanner, design kiosks, and a 3-D printer in the back? Everyone can have perfect jeans every time without a store employee having to restock your mounting pile of shame in that aspirational size 34. The implications and possibilities are endless. Some retailers will go from ordering finished goods to ordering cotton. From hiring sales clerks to hiring designers. From aisles full of clothes to neatly displayed samples and rows of kiosks. Stores might go from 100 employees in 5,000 square feet to 20 employees in one-fifth the space.

Econovation, 2011

What Happened

Future of Shopping: Retailers Explore 3-D Printers, Flashy Tech 2017

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What’s Next?



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