6 Reasons Why I’m voting for Governor Gary Johnson

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  1. The Issues He’s more progressive than Obama on social issues, but more prudent than either major party candidate on economic issues. He is pro defense, but anti-interventionist. He also defends civil liberties – unlike the President, who signed indefinite detention into law…and unlike Republicans who gave us the “Patriot” Act. (As if you’re not a patriot if you don’t support it.)
  2. The Mob It’s time we end this two party mafia that grips the media and stifles substantive debate. We’re mired in half-truths and platitudes aimed at simpletons. With 5% of the vote, Libertarians will qualify for equal ballot access and Federal matching funds. Every 4 years, we can use this strategy to bring other parties into the public arena.
  3. The Bribes Rombama will collectively spend $2B+ to get elected – from private interests. I don’t care how noble you are, that’s a lot of favors to pay back. (More on the urgency of campaign finance reform here.)
  4. Diversity A diversity of ideas is good in business and it’s good in politics. We need more of that. Over time, that guarantees better results.
  5. Minimalism In the absence of great government, I prefer less government.
  6. Principle In New York State, voting anything but Democrat is irrelevant. Your vote is wasted anyway. I prefer to use mine to make a statement and I hope you do too.This is my first and last political post of the season.
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