Exploring the underbelly of tech with Jordan Cooper on the Blenderhead podcast

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I join web marketer and comedian Jordan Cooper on the latest episode of his Blenderhead podcast. Together, we explore the dark,  funny underbelly of the tech economy.  As I told Jordan, I had two choices to commit career suicide: go on his show or get a massive face tattoo.  Clearly, I made the right decision. 

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PS – to know what you’re in for, here is Jordan’s description of the episode:

The Equivalent Of Getting A Face Tattoo

Doling out the brutal truth that changing the world involves much more than tackling inconsequential problems for a small percentage of the population.
The Blenderhead Podcast Episode #5 Ruining his chances of ever going back to a corporate job, Steve Faktor, former head of the American Express Chairman’s Innovation Fund and author of this shitty Wiley book, joins me to rant about fake altruism, our perverted concept of innovation, the warped need to publish your life and the humility of not giving a shit.In addition, I explain why all video chat startups will fail, creating the most laborious sign-up process ever, web apps as public utilities and whether or not we will soon recoil back to physical activities to escape our digital lives.
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