The Future IS BELIEF

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Our world sells influence, but it runs on followers. Everything around us is designed to steal attention, trigger desire, and win devotion. Our biggest winners win by creating habit or dependency. And charismatic leaders have powerful new tools to harness belief. Some, inspire positive change. Others, manipulate or weaponize our zealotry. And they have. Over 40 new belief systems have spawned beneath us, but we’ve barely noticed. Because we are all members. No one escapes “-isms”…not even escapism.

But even in a world built for followers, our future relies entirely on SEEKERS.

Don’t miss this fun, mind-bending episode that explains:

  • Why SEEKERS are THE FUTURE – and what it means for YOUR FUTURE
  • The 4 types of believers – and what motivates them
  • The 6 desires our new beliefs must fulfill
  • Why truth is OVER and what replaces it
  • What belief will do for – and to – believers and nonbelievers, alike

This episode is the first of a series that will build a new roadmap for what motivates us – and how to tap into that power.

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