BELIEF with Special Guest Pastor AR Bernard

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Here’s a killer clip from the Q&A with AR Bernard, who does not pull punches on Mike Bloomberg, stop & frisk or taking money from Mike. (Full audio podcast below).

Fresh from my recent live event on The Future of Belief, a truly spectacular chat with Pastor AR Bernard, founder of Christian Cultural Center (CCC) megachurch with over 40,000 members in NYC. Not only is the Pastor incredibly sharp, philosophical and forthright, but he is one of the most influential leaders in New York’s black community, among politicians, and celebrities. He is an adviser to Mike Bloomberg, who announced his Presidential run and apologized for his controversial Stop & Frisk policy at CCC.

This episode officially kicks of The Future of Belief series on The McFuture. Next week, I’ll post a condensed version of my monologue from the event. (The Pastor references it early on, which makes for a good teaser!)

To hear the pastor’s no-BS Q&A on Michael Bloomberg, stop & frisk, LGBTQ, slavery, history of politics and evangelicals, and myth of declining belief, sign up to our Patreon for a full 33 min Q&A with Pastor Bernard AND loads of member-only episodes. It’s also a great way to support the show.

See you next week!

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