Google. Gaming. Us.

Google just announced its move into gaming with Stadia streaming gaming platform. Here’s why this move is essential for Google’s future…and ours. As I wrote in Deconstructing Google’s Strategy in 2013, one of the 4E’s of Google’s strategy is to Expand TIME. 3. Expand the Pie – This is probably the least understood part of Google’s …

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Lazy Parasites Rule

A digital vampire threw American Express a Curve, here’s what they did & how you should handle parasitic middlemen.

Can Something Be Both Inevitable & Abominable?

With this Tweet, Microsoft and MasterCard (“Mastersoft”?) announced their partnership to create “universal digital identities“: Voting, driving, applying for a job, renting a home, getting married and boarding a plane: what do these all have in common? You need to prove your identity. In partnership with @Microsoft, we are working to create universally-recognized digital identity. …

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Universal Healthcare: Wrong Question [Part 1 of 6]

The McFuture is back!! I’m extremely excited to bring you a new 6-part series called The Capitalist Solution to Universal Healthcare. In this episode I explain the real reason nothing’s being fixed: we’re asking the wrong question. Remember to subscribe – you won’t want to miss next week’s episode: The 13 Economic Crimes of American Healthcare