#DeepFakeUS – What The F Are We?

DeepFakeUS - the mcfuture podcast with steve faktor
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Five disjointed sermons on technology and economics morph into an absurdist plea for clarity…in a country faking its way forward. Come feel the Bern of this week’s episode of The McFuture podcast. 

In This Episode:

  1. DeepFake It Till You F%*$ It
  2. Kneel Before Nike
  3. The Real Juul of San Francisco
  4. Multipolar Bear
  5. What The F Are We?

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Show Links:

  1. Full Joe Rogan deepfake clip
  2. Globalisation is dead and we need to invent a new world order 
  3. A Drug Problem Dressed Up as a Homelessness
  4. Three Rules That End Poverty
  5. Should Startups Be Charitable?
  6. Fire. Them. All. (Problems to solve)
  7. Econovation (Solutions)
  8. America’s Last Stimulus (Solutions)
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Provocative predictions & prescriptions on where innovation, economics & culture will take us. Fearless. Funny.