Keynoting 2012 CFO Magazine Leadership Summit in March

Keynoting CFO Leadership Conference -
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Just in:  I’ll be keynoting CFO Magazine’s 2012 Leadership Summit in March.  I know what you’re thinking – I’ll need to make lots of pie charts and regression analyses…  I’ll consider it.  More likely, I will be their vacation from pie charts and regressions.  After all, who’s more important in the process of funding future innovations than CFO’s?  My talk will focus on where the opportunities worth funding will be in the next decade.  I’ll have plenty of fresh, new examples of companies well-positioned to capitalize.  Time permitting, I’ll also try to rouse the CFO’s in attendance into performing a Bollywood-style  “Innovation Dance” I’ve written.  Time permitting, of course.  I guess you’ll just have to be there.  Bring your blue suede shoes.

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