Liar, Liar, Ukraine On Fire! | The Russia Fallout, Part 1

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What happens when a natural skeptic realizes not every conspiracy can be debunked? I wasn’t sure I’d release this episode. The story of Russia’s Ukraine invasion is also the story of American conspiracy, propaganda, and corruption…that isn’t being told. Not with any honesty or cohesion. This is my attempt to scratch the surface on some dark truths I wish weren’t. Conspiracy and propaganda now live in plain sight, which turns out to be a brilliant disguise. Ready for a dip in The Swamp?

Episode Contents

  • 00:18 Critical Thinking Game Over
  • 04:49 Swamp Creatures: Does The Deep State, The Blob, The Swamp Exist?
  • 07:44 Putin Put In By US
  • 09:54 America’s Ukraine Coup, 2014
  • 12:24 Aftermath
  • 14:15 Eastern European Corruption
  • 15:15 Is Zelensky A Stooge?
  • 21:39 Three C’s That Cripple Conspiracies
  • 24:46 The Hunter Biden Conspiracy
  • 31:05 Corporate Media’s Hunter Tactic
  • 34:34 The *Other* Biolab Treason
  • 39:12 American Pravda: The State of State TV
  • 41:26 Anti-Anti-Putin: The Atlantic Giveth & It Taketh Away
  • 42:59 Pretty Propagandists
  • 44:15 3 Types of Pro-Ukraine Bias, No Propaganda Necessary
  • 45:39 Social Media Accomplices?
  • 46:26 The CIA’s New Spyless Coups
  • 49:10 Victoria Nuland Strikes Again
  • 51:30 A Dusting Of Propogandists?
  • 52:46 ‘Go get ’em Putin!’ – The RAND Group Mystery
  • 54:00 Russian Sanctions For You, and You, AND YOU!!

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