A Ukrainian-American Immigrant Confronts Putin, Power & Patriotism | The McFuture w/Steve Faktor

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As Putin and Russia attack Ukraine, I confront some uncomfortable truths about power, patriotism, and my own identity as a Ukrainian-American immigrant. A tour-de-force. Truly one of the best episodes of The McFuture – and on this subject. Not to be missed. You can watch it on YouTube with all the visuals and graphics.

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In This Episode:

  • 00:14 Fresh From The USSR
  • 02:24 Bonding With Ukraine
  • 04:12 Isn’t Russia vs. Ukraine Basically A Domestic Dispute?
  • 09:48 WHY? What Does Putin Want?
  • 13:11 The Game Of NATO, Deterrence & Incitement
  • 17:33 Why NOW?
  • 25:01 How Russia Prepared, As Germany Self-Destructed
  • 27:58 The Worst Negotiators On Earth
  • 31:43 American Apathy
  • 32:51 What Do We Do? Strategies For Containing Putin
  • 37:11 The One Decent New Idea
  • 38:08 Why Financial Restrictions Are A Landmine
  • 40:01 …And Isolationism Is A Nuke
  • 45:58 The Real Solution Is…
  • 46:16 American Abandonment
  • 48:05 The Multipolar Bear Eats Values First
  • 53:23 POWER & Its Only Counterbalance
  • 58:12 Leverage
  • 59:24 Masculinity
  • 01:06:33 Patriotism
  • 01:10:59 The Disinformation We Need
  • 01:13:15 The Future (Near, Medium & Long-Term)
  • 01:17:22 Crypto & Decentralization
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