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Another Mistweeted gem on The McFuture podcast featuring Steve Faktor’s insights on economics and finance with a touch of Zen only he – and Steven Seagal – could deliver. (The next episode, Media Monsters is already up for Patreon supporters. Sign up here.)


  1. 00:27 Tools of Conquest
  2. 03:55 Financing Success
  3. 05:59 Africa’s Lesson On Collective Economic Power
  4. 07:46 Microsoft & Explosive Post-Pandemic Inequality?
  5. 09:20 7 Reasons Stocks Are Up 2,200% But Worker Pay Only 12% Since 1980
  6. 13:37 Time To Re-evaluate Clinton’s Presidency
  7. 14:27 Why We Can’t Cancel The Fed, Yet
  8. 15:39 Can Direct Primary Care Save HealthCare?
  9. 16:41 Stop Stimulus Shaming
  10. 17:33 Why Regulation Is Unavoidable
  11. 18:21 A Redistribution Proposal Everyone Will Love
  12. 20:06 The Dirty, Filthy Scourge of Bitcoin
  13. 21:49 It’s Not the Innovation, Stupid: The Real Fuel Behind Startups
  14. 23:00 Prediction: Texas vs California
  15. 24:21 Credit Score Whores
  16. 24:44 “China Is Playing Chess, We’re Eating Our Marbles”
  17. 26:16 We’re Letting The World Slip Away
  18. 27:11 The Rules of Trade With China
  19. 28:51 Why There’s No Such Thing As An “American Corporation”
  20. 30:16 How Index Funds Rely On Active Traders
  21. 31:28 How To Avoid Venmo & Cash App Fraud

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