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Steve Faktor’s rowdy romp through the heroes and monsters who control free speech. (The next episode, Lord of the Fries is already up for Patreon supporters. Sign up at

  1. 01:02 Why Joe Rogan Is A HUGE Threat To Media
  2. 06:20 The Myth of Short Content
  3. 08:22 Spotify Shows Why You Can’t Trust Platforms
  4. 10:46 A Reality Check For Employees Speaking Their Truth
  5. 12:06 “You’ve Been Here 4 HOURS!!!”
  6. 12:44 The Formula For How Mainstream Media Will CRUSH Independents
  7. 19:34 The Societal Cost of Disney’s Expansion
  8. 21:12 The Only Funny Thing About SNL
  9. 23:19 Zoom or BOOOOM!! You Decide.
  10. 24:42 J.A.S. QUEEEEEN!! – Journalists Against Speech & The Dangers Of A Subscription Model
  11. 26:42 Facebook & The Quagmire of “Hate Speech”
  12. 28:19 The Closest Thing To Mind Control
  13. 30:05 The Real Hunter Biden Bombshell
  14. 32:23 Dangerous Satire?
  15. 33:31 Are Critics of Social Media Doomed?
  16. 34:33 Should Platforms that Censor Enjoy Government Protection? A Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good Proposal
  17. 36:57 We Are Facebook
  18. 39:43 Is TikTok The New Kaspersky?
  19. 41:43 The Only Censor I Trust
  20. 41:59 The REAL REASON Twitter Crashed
  21. 42:51 Poisoned Paradise

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